Q: Are there any side effects to consuming Lean and Fab products?
A: The only side effect caused by Lean and Fab products is caused by one of its ingredients, Citrin. Supressed appetite is the only side effect, which is harmless. Lean and Fab has been clinically tested, and has been declared as being both safe and natural. Because of this, Lean and Fab products causes no dangerous side effects such as irritation, nausea, diarrhea, etc

Q: How long can one continously take Lean and Fab?
A: Because Lean and Fab causes no harmful effects to the human body, one can continossly take Lean and Fab until that person reaches the specific weight he or she desires.

Q: Whilst taking Lean and Fab, is excerise a necessity?
A: Although excercising will produce faster results, one is not required to excercise while taking Lean and Fab.

Q: What is the proper way to use Lean and Fab?
A: The recommended dose of capsules daily is from one to two. Each capsule should be taken half an hour before a meal. The 40-day Weight Management Program is advised to those who desire the best results possible. This program involves taking one capsule each day thirty minutes before a meal for forty consecutive days. Also, warm water is recommended when taking a capsule.

Q: Who are those advised to take Lean and Fab?
A: Those people who are obese and particularly overweight, or people in general who just want to find a way to effectively and safely lose weight.

Q: To whom is Lean and Fab not suitable for?
A: Every person who is under the age of fifteen years old, and to all women who are undergoing pregnancy.