You can Lose Weight!

Lean and Fab

So what is Lean and Fab?

Lean and Fab is the only dietary supplement that is manufactured though a collection of entirely natural ingredients.

What are its main ingredients?


Speeds up metabolism and enhances one’s lean body mass.


Suppresses one’s appetite. Also, it aids the body in the burning of fat.


Lean Fab

A natural carbohydrate blocker, Fabenol maintains a healthy sugar level so you don’t have to worry about gaining weight from unused carbs.


Increases bio-availability, which means that nutrients will be greatly absorbed into the body.

Can I really Lose Weight with Lean and Fab?

Michelle Sy“I started gaining weight after graduating from college. I bought a membership in our gym but when I began working, I lost the time to work out. When I started using Lean and Fab – and I just tried it ‘coz my sister gave me some, after some time, I lost 10 pounds so I decided to continue. From 180 pounds I’m now down to 165 pounds! I plan to continue using it until I reach my goal of 130 pounds.”
-Michelle Sy (Graphic artist)
Jason Arce“I’m not really fat but I wanted to lose some weight. After taking Lean and Fab, I decided to stop ‘coz I didn’t want to be too thin. I lost a total of 8 lbs.”
-Jason Arce (Call center agent)

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4 Reasons why you should Buy Lean and Fab:

Lean and Fab OrganizationsIt’s Medically Backed

The ingredients in Lean and Fab are tested and proven to be effective and safe for use by different organizations.


If that’s not enough, we have a million users worldwide who have been using this wonderful product to gain the figure that they have always dreamed of and achieve it!

Satisfaction Guarantee 100% - Circle Badge GreenIt Reduces Calorie Intake

Hannah Lim“At first I thought I wasn’t getting any thinner, but when I checked my weight again, I was amazed that I lost 4 pounds so I kept on continuing it. I’m now continuously using Lean and Fab and I’ve already lost 11 pounds.”
-Hannah Lim (Student)
Carlo Cabrera“I haven’t even finished one bottle and I already lost 10 lbs. And that’s without diet nor exercise.”
- Aaron Carlo D. Cabrera (Entrepreneur)

Because of the Citrin ingredient in Lean and Fab, it suppresses your appetite and helps you have better control over your food intake, possibly reducing your calorie by 295 per day! This gives you one step closer to the body that you want!

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Lean and Fab Save Money

You Save Money

Have you ever thought about going to the gym? Have you thought about how much money you are paying for the equipments? Did they do you much good?

Lean and Fab indulgence

Well what ever the effect on you is, you don’t have to renew your membership anymore. When you take Lean and Fab, you’d be spending less on gym memberships and more on new clothes!

Guilt Free Indulgence

When you eat with Lean and Fab, you know you’re in control of your appetite So when you see something you like, eat your heart out! Because if you are too have too much, Lean and Fab will be there to control your diet

Joy Lim“I’ve tried so many weight loss products but since I tried Lean and Fab I’ve been so convinced. With Lean and Fab I feel no dizziness, I can sleep well, and I don’t have much appetite. I’m aiming for 120 lbs. Watch out!”
-Ms. Joy Lim (Charms & Crystals)

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1 Bottle
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  • $57

5 Bottles
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10 Bottles
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20 Bottles
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  • $990

30 Bottles
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  • $1,510

What can Lean and Fab do for you?

  • lean and fab BoxBreaks down fat
  • Promotes lean body mass
  • Burns fat
  • Blocks extra carbohydrates
  • Suppresses appetite
  • Enhances nutrient absorption
  • Contains: 30 capsules per bottle @ 500mg per capsule of Lean and Fab
  • Clinically Proven: Safe, Natural, and Effective
  • U.S. & International Patents on active Ingredients
  • Multi-Awarded, Multi-Certified

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Money Back Guarantee


30 Days Money-Back Guarantee!

If you don’t like the product or it doesn’t work for you, we give you a 100% money-back guarantee.  Just tell us that you don’t like the product and put your complete name and address in the contact us page and we’ll give you your money back. No questions asked.


The effects of Lean and Fab varies from person to person. Most of our users see the difference within 2 weeks – we strongly believe that you can too!

There are no Side Effects with Lean and Fab because it is a natural supplement.

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